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My name is Lukas Thern Lovén. I'm currently a Consultant with focus on making the best website possible for your company. I've taken multiple courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to become a programmer. Although programming a website is very useful, the design is just as important. That's why I've taken courses in UI/UX to be able to create the most beautiful websites for my clients.

Full-Stack Developer & UI/UX Designer.

I'm a Pilot and Full-Stack Developer living in Córdoba, Argentina. I can offer help in English, Spanish and Swedish.

  • Birthday: 18 May 2000
  • Website:
  • Phone: +54 9 351 651 6067
  • City: Córdoba, Argentina
  • Age: 21
  • Degree: Upper Secondary School
  • Email:
  • Consultant: Available

I have been interested in designing and creating something unique ever since I was a young kid from a small town in Sweden. At the age of 14-15 I started creating small personal websites on website builders just for fun which later led to a bigger hobby, and to a point where I created my own company. I'm currently studying for Airline Transport License while freelancing on LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr etc. My two biggest passions in life are flying and developing websites, and I've had the opportunity to create websites for flight clubs which has been amazing. Lately I’ve expanded my knowledge in HTML/CSS/Javascript/Node.js/PHP and UI/UX, and as of 2022 I’m proud to call myself a Full-Stack Developer.

Reoccuring Clients every month

Projects since the start of 2020

Days Available all around the world

Partners in various fields


HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JavaScript 100%


As a Web Developer i´m able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate as part of a productive team. Bringing forth expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of web systems. I am experienced with the latest cutting edge development tools and procedures.


Lukas Thern Lovén

Innovative and deadline-driven Web Developer with 3+ years of experience designing and developing user-friendly websites from initial concept to final, polished deliverable.

  • Hipólito Yrigoyen 165, Córdoba Capital, Argentina
  • +54 9 351 651 6067


Airline Transport Pilot Licence

2021 - Present

American Aviation Academy, USA / Ibero Aviation, Argentina

Currently studying for my COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENCE in Argentina. I started studying in the U.S where I got my PPL, and now i’m converting to ANAC while studying for CPL and ATPL Theory.

Full-Stack Developer


The App Brewery, Online

As of 2022 I started stuyding online at The App Brewery through Udemy. This course covers all the fundamentals needed to be a Full-Stack Developer. It’s a 70 hour course and is taught by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, London's leading in-person programming bootcamp.

Professional Experience

Web Developer

2019 - Present

Córdoba Capital, Argentina

  • Providing a range of web development services to numerous clients; from web apps to website builds and rebuilds.
  • I´m responsible for advertising, project scoping and successful delivery within agreed timeframe.
  • Supervise the assessment of all graphic materials in order to ensure quality and accuracy of the design
  • Designing wireframes for numerous clients.

Sales / Operations Manager


Trust Care, Malmö, Sweden

  • Securing new business opportunities and exceeding sales targets via outbound prospecting.
  • Achieved monthly/quarterly revenue targets.
  • Successfully managed accounts which in total were worth $5 - $6 million USD.
  • Tracked and analyzed sales and customer trends in order to maximize sales and revenue while minimizing expenses.


  • Projects
  • Web Development
  • Logo Design
  • My Prototypes


Brand New Website

Are you ready to take the next step for your business? A great informative, user-friendly website help you reach new customers.

Update Website

By regularly updating your website, you can help prevent security threats to your website, increase traffic and conversion with updated content.

Website Maintenance

We'll regularly check your website for issues and mistakes, also keep it updated and relevant. Adding content is free and included in the subscription.


With the help of our partner, we can provide translation of transcripts, audios etc, in English, Spanish and Swedish. Promised delivery within 24 hours.

Logo Design

Having a good eye-catching logo is essential. It grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, and is the foundation of your brand identity.


We´ll help you create a strong, positive perception of your company, its products and services by combining elements such as logo, design, mission statement.

Website Maintenance


  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Priority Customer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Worldwide


Professional, easy going and I am super satisfied. I truly recommend him to anyone who want a new website!

Annika Assarsson

Ceo & Founder

The website works great! The design combined with functionallity makes it a website any customer will be happy to use.

Hans-Henrik Wagner

Ceo & Founder

Lukas is amazing! He listens and produces what you are envisioning and he is able to produce it!

Laura Benson Jones

Chairwomen & Business Owner

Lukas is good at what he does. He listens to the wishes that you have and at the same time comes up with his own creative solutions.

Mats Harde

Business Owner

Fast, keen, and creative. Pleasure working with Lukas creating my logo and website. Also for a fair price.

Birgitte Morgan

Business Owner


I will help you create the most user-friendly and beautiful website you have ever seen. I look forward working with you.


Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 165, Córdoba Capital


+54 9 351 651 6067

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